And on the 500th Day

June 8th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Today marks the 500th day of my writing every day, thanks to the use of the Magic Spreadsheet (all hail the Magic Spreadsheet). ┬áThe practice of writing a minimum number of words each day and logging it as public record has kept me honest in my writing and forced me to keep working, even if […]

Another Voice to Add: #YesAllWomen

June 5th, 2014Posted by Veronica

I keep backspacing over my thoughts regarding #YesAllWomen when it comes to Facebook and my Twitter feed. I know that I want to say something, but I’m not sure if what I could say would matter, or if it would get me in trouble with my dayjob, or if I would lose listeners or followers […]

Getting Over the Fear of “Again?”

June 3rd, 2014Posted by Veronica

The first five months of this year have been nothing less than wildly successful when it comes to voiceovers and narration. One season of Secret World Chronicle, the podcast of the novel Broken, fullcast lines for Crudrat and Hidden Harbor Mysteries, short stories for a whirlwind of fiction magazines and private projects, and two finished […]

Working on the Brand

May 29th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Balticon 48 provided a lot of tricks, tips, and topics for the blog. Due to my schedule, there were several panels that I wanted to attend but couldn’t due to my being on another panel at the same time. For the panels I was able to attend, I took a lot of notes and tried […]

On Balticon 48

May 27th, 2014Posted by Veronica

From Thursday to Sunday, Balticon and all its associated shenanigans took place at the Hunt Valley Inn north of Baltimore. With overweight luggage and plans for more than a few reading opportunities, I arrived on Thursday afternoon with plans to mingle with creatives who I only see once a year. Thursday’s preview of Balticon gave […]

Balticon 48 – My Schedule

May 21st, 2014Posted by Veronica

So, you want to find me at Balticon? It’s not difficult; I’ll be around the con, chilling at the bar with my coffee, gigglesnorting at jokes and catching up with fellow creatives. Of course, there will be panels and readings, so if you’d like to watch AND listen to me read stuff, this is your […]

Plan Ahead, Damn the Uncertainty

May 20th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Part of being an adult is recognizing the need to plan ahead for more than a day, a week, a month, even a year. Whether you make the choice to take on responsibilities and roles that tag you as ‘grown’ or circumstances of life demand that you step away from childhood, the result involves planning […]

Prepare for Balticon

May 17th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Preparing for Balticon always takes more than a few days. Five days? A week? A fortnight? Let’s face it… the first week of May, I can’t help but start a packing list for the sheer joy of planning for that lovely weekend with creative souls and crazy personalities. There are panels to talk about, launch […]

Thank Goodness for Balticon

May 14th, 2014Posted by Veronica

It’s a wonderful thing that Balticon is in eight days. Sometimes, the promise of camaraderie of the creative community that comes together in Hunt Valley is the only bright spot during an otherwise horrible work week. I keep a physical countdown on the whiteboard in my office at the dayjob, and I can always look […]

A Weekend of Word-Thought

May 11th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Few times make me more conscious of my “ohmigosh, must write!” compulsion than a weekend when I am not at home. On those Saturdays and Sundays when I’m running around Orlando with my kids and husband, I become worried that I won’t be able to make the time to write, and that I’ll destroy the […]