Reading Erotica Sans Pseudonym

August 29th, 2014Posted by Veronica

This might come as a surprise to some people who only know me for narrating the Secret World Chronicle series, or The Ballad of Iron Percy, or The Diary of Jill Woodbine. But… I narrate erotica. And I do it under my own name. And, guess what? I consider it one of my talents when […]

567, but what comes after?

August 15th, 2014Posted by Veronica

The academic life – well, my academic life – resumes when the fall semester starts next Monday. The summer will be officially gone, and I will shift to the combined endeavors of studying for exams and writing my dissertation proposal. I have already contacted my professors to set things in place so that I can […]

Less Thinking, More Doing

August 2nd, 2014Posted by Veronica

I got through one week of exercises on The Artist’s Way, a week full of morning pages and affirmations and reflective exercises. The notebook, with more than twenty pages of my handwriting testament to my reflections on writing and creativity, has come with me to work. But, like many adventures in upping my creative game, […]

Taking the Nuclear Option – Draft 6

July 26th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Draft number six. It’s going to be draft number six, almost to a complete nuclear restart so I can write this story properly with an outline, better direction, a more robust setting, and a thorough knowledge of the characters who inhabit my world. It’s going to require patience and persistence. It will mean an understanding […]

Recommended Reading – Part 1

July 24th, 2014Posted by Veronica

One week ago, I followed up my request for book titles here on the blog with a request for titles for writers. I specifically asked people to recommend books that they’ve used in their courses, and that request was answered with a flood of titles that I intend to peruse over the next year. While […]

Rewrite for the Better

July 21st, 2014Posted by Veronica

Last night, I knew I had to fix some continuity errors in Hollow. There were some inconsistencies in how I represented the Fallen versus the creatures from the abyss, and who could be used for a collection. The more I wrote about the different groups and how they existed on the earthly plane, the better […]

Metacognition and Learning the Craft

July 14th, 2014Posted by Veronica

In my dayjob, I teach students how to improve their study skills and academic habits. I wrap up a lot of those techniques under the guise of time management, which is a big bandage for the problem of prioritization and choosing an appropriate path. Most of the class involves the concept of metacognition, which […]

Summer Travel Rundown

July 11th, 2014Posted by Veronica

The roadtrip known as the Great Canadian Vacation With Bonus Stops is nearly at an end. On Tuesday, we started our trip back from Quebec to return to our home in central Florida. One rooftop carrier, two parents, three kids, and a whole lot of luggage… and by the end of this trip, we will […]

Thoughts on Writing and Traveling

June 29th, 2014Posted by Veronica

For me, writing and traveling are an all-or-nothing pairing. Sometimes, it’s very easy for me to make the time to write in between an early breakfast and a late meeting, or it’s the perfect way to spend time while others nap and recover in the afternoon. Other times, it’s a trial to make it to […]

One Does Not “Make” Time

June 18th, 2014Posted by Veronica

I’ve talked about time management before in my blog posts, but there have been a few posts over on Facebook in both writing and narration groups about how people fit in their words around their daily commitments. Some are curious as to how others write while managing family, work, or school; a question came up […]