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The PSY 5108 Project Priority

July 1st, 2012Posted by Veronica

This summer, I decided to take PSY 5108 – Health Psychology. Why? Well… I need 21 credits of PSY to satisfy the concentration for my PhD. It was offered twice a week over eight weeks, didn’t have any prerequisites, and I figured that it would be helpful, as part of my teaching repertoire is supposed […]

Keeping the creative habit

October 17th, 2011Posted by Veronica

Based upon last week’s post about accountability and forward-thinking and delivery, I owe an update. To whom, you might ask? Well… truly, to no one but myself. There isn’t anyone else who’s holding me accountable to being creative, to putting words on a page or voice through the microphone, so it’s all about me. Heavens, […]

I need a habit.

October 8th, 2011Posted by Veronica

Confession: I don’t feel very productive today. I should clarify, since it’s not as if I’ve not accomplished things today. I did grocery shopping, planned for dinner, swept the kitchen and family room floors, and moved three (almost four!) loads of laundry from wash to dry to fold. I even have clean hair. Usually, ‘productive’ […]

Taking the advice that I give

October 4th, 2011Posted by Veronica

This semester may be the most difficult term yet, with regard to balance between teaching and taking classes. It may also be the most challenging term with regard to understanding interpersonal dynamics and political decisions at my unique institutional environment. So many times, I have been informed that one in my position should simply be […]

Pulse Check – August 21

August 21st, 2010Posted by Veronica

I live! I breathe! I… am so busy these days. The last episode of The Secret World Chronicle, Book Three: World Well Lost, is due to be released this weekend. I recorded it some time ago before I had the new setup (over winter break last year, actually) but I want to re-record it today […]

Snap Back to Reality

June 19th, 2010Posted by Veronica

Snap back to reality, oh! There goes gravity… If you don’t recognize the song that this post’s title comes from, I’ll need to point you back a handful of years to a relatively successful movie called 8 Mile and its star, an extremely controversial, multidimensional, and multitalented man who is known to the world as […]

You Can’t Fail – Lessons from Cracker Barrel

June 9th, 2010Posted by Veronica

Much of the wisdom that I’ve learned about pushing through adversity when it comes to writing, podcasting, and just general self-promotion in a digital medium has come as a result of countless conversations at the local Cracker Barrel. A lunchtime haven, that restaurant has fostered more encouragement and thoughtful discussion in my quest to become […]

Managing Time, Part Two

May 25th, 2010Posted by Veronica

I am entirely too competitive for my own good. There, I said it. Typed it in lovely black-on-white in the text editor before I cut and paste this into the little box on the computer so that it can be appropriately formatted for the blog post. I even reread the words a few times, the […]

Managing Time – Part One

May 8th, 2010Posted by Veronica

One of these days, I’ll learn to start by writing what I know rather than make vain attempts to be witty. It is a Saturday. It is a gorgeous Saturday that has already been full of noisy breakfasts, really good coffee, amazing flag football, and a bit of website wrangling as I work to get […]