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What “Busy” Means These Days

September 17th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Some people do introduction posts on their blogs, while others do project updates for their various creative endeavors. Since I teach time management as part of my dayjob and write about how to balance different roles and projects, it’s time for me to do something a little different. I’ve had some folks over on Facebook […]

One Does Not “Make” Time

June 18th, 2014Posted by Veronica

I’ve talked about time management before in my blog posts, but there have been a few posts over on Facebook in both writing and narration groups about how people fit in their words around their daily commitments. Some are curious as to how others write while managing family, work, or school; a question came up […]

Two Weeks into November

November 13th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Consider this a sort of progress report, if you will. I’ve not blogged for a bit, mostly because I’ve spend my wordsmithing time working on Hollow or doing schoolwork. It’s not quite halfway through November. I’m still working on the different little projects, writing and articles and the like. I’m not going to be able […]

Busy Does Not Taste Like Rainbows

September 18th, 2013Posted by Veronica

This Fall semester, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my long days. I have to both teach students and be a student within a twelve-hour span, and it’s never just one course, but two to three. Add in a committee where I must attend, eat my little box lunch, and politely disagree with faculty, and it’s a […]

Time Management at Balticon 47

May 21st, 2013Posted by Veronica

At 9PM on Sunday of Balticon, I’m giving a talk on “Time Management for Writers.” Replace “writers” with “creatives” and you’ll get the general idea of the audience for the talk. You don’t have to be a writer to get something out of it… heck, I’m not always a writer. I’m also a voice artist, […]

Ducks, Drag Queens, and Dedication

February 26th, 2013Posted by Veronica

So, I’m a little late with the post today… and I confess, it’s because I was recording more chapters for an audiobook. Plus, I needed to catch up with Drag Race this morning. What? I adore RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love the costuming, the characters, the makeup… the visual shift is gorgeous. I’ve been watching […]

Finish is Easy, Discipline is Hard

February 12th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Another chapter will come to a close this summer, as I follow through on the finish pledge from this year’s three words. Unless some major education monster rears its ugly head, I will take my comps this summer and complete my Education Specialist degree in Science Education. I’m still working toward the PhD, but this […]

Keeping the Creative Schedule

January 8th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Three weeks in a row, I’ve managed to get a post up here. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more committed to this exercise, or because I know that people are watching. Regardless of the motivation (intrinsic or extrinsic), here I go again… on my own… going down the only road… … sorry. Whitesnake. […]

November, Finishing, and Amazing Things

November 28th, 2012Posted by Veronica

With two days left in November, I can say that this month has brought a lot of surprises. Some have been good, some have been challenging, and some have required that I take a more serious look around at what I value as important for my long term goals. November is busy for me, as […]

The ‘Busy’ Update for Fall 2012

October 3rd, 2012Posted by Veronica

Busy. Well, okay. I don’t like hiding behind that four-letter word when explaining why I haven’t posted to the blog or done more frequent updates. “Busy” is descriptive, but it’s not quantifiable. My “busy” could be your everyday, and it’s a matter of what one sees as normal to manage. So, let’s rephrase. In these […]