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Balticon 45 – Thank You

June 1st, 2011Posted by Veronica

The fact that it’s taken me nearly three days to get my thoughts about Balticon organized should communicate just how amazing and fabulous this weekend was. That’s ah-MAAAY-ZING! and FAAAH-bu-lous! as I learned after watching someone I’ve always wanted to meet. Just to clarify, y’know? Where to begin? There’s no logical beginning, because I just […]

Thank-You Thursday – The Creative Alliance

July 8th, 2010Posted by Veronica

This is one of those Thank-You Thursdays where it’s hard to pick just one person. In the space of one week, I’ve received so much support and assistance from the group now known as The Creative Alliance, or the TCA. These people rock. Seriously. The group of people who are associated with TCA have helped […]

Thank-You Thursday – The Experiment

July 1st, 2010Posted by Veronica

Well, 5:45 PM has rolled around, and the part of the day where I spend time, intellect, and energy at the University has come to a close. Due to my schedule, energy level, and my own desire to see what would happen, I waited to see if another person would pick up the Thank-You Thursday […]

Thank-You Thursday – The MetaFans

June 24th, 2010Posted by Veronica

I hope this doesn’t come across as trite, because that’s the last thing that Thank-You Thursday should become. I tried to come up with one person for this post, and I kept watching my Twitter feed and reading my email, and the theme came back again and again. Fans of The Secret World Chronicle – […]

Thank-You Thursday – Edward Clark

June 17th, 2010Posted by Veronica

This Thank-You Thursday, I’m giving a shout-out to the man who writes one of my favorite characters and who let me convince him to voice her. That’s right… it’s Edward Clark, author of The Ballad of Iron Percy. Ed’s awesome. I mean, he’s very intelligent and well-spoken, and he can write. I mean, WRITE. I’ve […]

Thank-You Thursday – Mercedes Lackey

June 10th, 2010Posted by Veronica

It’s Thursday again, and I’ve got a huuuuge thank-you lined up. Today’s gratitude goes out to the one and only Mercedes Lackey, who continues to let me voice, produce, and promote The Secret World Chronicle. This is the gig that continues to grant me the most exposure and has given me the opportunity to guest-author […]

Thank-You Thursday – My Boy

June 3rd, 2010Posted by Veronica

You’d think that I’d have used the first Thank-You Thursday to show gratitude to one of the most important people in my life, but… well, he might object. Public praise isn’t always his thing, in spite of the fact that so many people recognize him for what he does on a daily basis. This is […]

Thank-You Thursday – PodioRacket

May 27th, 2010Posted by Veronica

Guess what? It’s Thank-You Thursday, and you should totally know about the people I’m thanking this week. They’re awesome, they’re creative, they’re witty, and they’re just fun people to enjoy in your ears. They’re what the Racket’s about, actually. They’re Here’s why I say ‘thank-you’ to this incredibly talented crew of Rhonda Carpenter, Heather […]

Thank-You Thursday – Willie Freeman

May 20th, 2010Posted by Veronica

If you haven’t heard of Willie Freeman, then you aren’t as lucky as I am. Willie Freeman is one of those Renaissance men, someone who manages to blend the technical and creative sides to fashion something truly amazing. He is, in the truest sense, a Connector of people and resources. He is an artist of […]

Thank-You Thursday – Get On Board!

May 12th, 2010Posted by Veronica

So, I’ve been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, for the past few months. I’ve half-jokingly called it my textbook for starting revolutions, but now that I’ve finished the fourth readthrough – I studied and took notes, so sue me – I’ve gotten an idea for something to try. Thank-You Thursday. Here’s how it […]