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Countdown to Comps

November 12th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Every time I think I’ve told all of the people with faces about my pursuit of a doctoral degree and my yearlong woes of deferring my comprehensive exams in light of dayjob obligations, someone appears surprised that I’ve scheduled exams for this January. A few inquiries for long-term projects have received answers that recording new […]

Doubts and Triumphs

January 19th, 2014Posted by Veronica

The aftermath of my decision to defer my comprehensive exams until January (or September, they’re not sure yet) has brought alternating moments of relief and panic. I have experienced some bright moments and accomplishments that have assured me that I made the right choice to wait, and I have experienced some cloudier moments where doubt […]

Things Will Be All Right

January 17th, 2014Posted by Veronica

I think that things are going to be okay. Of course, there are those who will sit back and nod sagely and claim that they always knew it was going to be okay, that everything would be just fine, and that it’s in my nature to exaggerate these crises until they’re too much for me […]

Difficult, but Necessary

January 16th, 2014Posted by Veronica

This blog has allowed me to accomplish a lot of things over the past year and change; I’ve written somewhat faithfully (or compulsively, if you want to look at it that way) about academia, about writing, about narration, and about juggling the multiple roles and responsibilities that go along with my admittedly crazy life. I […]

The Magic Attendance Spreadsheet

January 9th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Today, I took some time to finish up my courses for my students and come up with a solution to an ongoing problem that I have with one of my classes. The result? The Magic Spreadsheet. (cue oohs and aahs) Seriously. I have found a way to use the Magic Spreadsheet (all hail the Magic […]

The Overwhelmed Pseudoacademic

January 7th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Those who have spent a lot of time talking with me over the years will know and understand that I swing from one end of the spectrum to the other when it comes to the success of a project. For everyone else, I have complete and utter faith in their abilities, I know that they […]

Forgiveness for Academia

January 5th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Few things hit harder than writer-guilt. One of them is mommy-guilt, but that’s accompanying the writer-guilt these days. They’re taking up permanent residence in my house. Bitchy little snowbirds, the pair of them. Drinking my coffee, jumping on the air mattress. And no matter how hard I try to kick them out with the reasoning […]

Fear of Forgetting the Stories

January 3rd, 2014Posted by Veronica

One of the most difficult things during the next twenty-five days is going to be telling myself that I need to wait to begin bigger writing projects. This is a familiar symptom of any enormous academic responsibility; the more I need to focus on a course, assignment, research project, or exam, the more adamant the […]

Little Victories, Big Successes

January 2nd, 2014Posted by Veronica

Part of starting the new year in my academic landscape means working with a whole new group of students who enroll in my Strategies for Success class. … don’t laugh, that’s the name of the course I teach. I didn’t pick the name, but I did choose to turn the course into something worthwhile. Rather […]

The Voices in My Head

December 30th, 2013Posted by Veronica

For the majority of the past week, I’ve divided my time between studying for my comprehensive exams (which I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about, but it’s my blog and I’ll stop when they’re finished in February), recording another audiobook (which is really good but really difficult for various reasons), and managing all of […]