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Summer Travel Rundown

July 11th, 2014Posted by Veronica

The roadtrip known as the Great Canadian Vacation With Bonus Stops is nearly at an end. On Tuesday, we started our trip back from Quebec to return to our home in central Florida. One rooftop carrier, two parents, three kids, and a whole lot of luggage… and by the end of this trip, we will […]

One Does Not “Make” Time

June 18th, 2014Posted by Veronica

I’ve talked about time management before in my blog posts, but there have been a few posts over on Facebook in both writing and narration groups about how people fit in their words around their daily commitments. Some are curious as to how others write while managing family, work, or school; a question came up […]

Christmas Traditions

December 24th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Last night, I finished another story in the long string of stories and episodes that make up the Secret World Chronicles series. Book Four is chugging along, and I have Season Seven of the podcast in the recording queue. It was nice to be able to sit and put down six hundred words at a […]

Magic Mom – Legendary Enchantment Creature

December 6th, 2013Posted by Veronica

I need more ideas like I need a hole in my head. Of course, when I’ve got exams and papers and a whole bunch of academic deadlines, that’s when all of the interesting ideas come into my brain. I know, I’m not the only one who faces this, but it’s inconvenient, darn it. This blog […]

Back from Vacation

July 28th, 2012Posted by Veronica

My vacation week is nearly over. As with most of my vacations, I spent much of my downtime that didn’t involve my family with my nose in my Kindle or cozied up with my laptop and a cup of coffee. I reread Content Rules with my thoughts on how to better promote my voicework as […]

Pulse Check – August 21

August 21st, 2010Posted by Veronica

I live! I breathe! I… am so busy these days. The last episode of The Secret World Chronicle, Book Three: World Well Lost, is due to be released this weekend. I recorded it some time ago before I had the new setup (over winter break last year, actually) but I want to re-record it today […]

Nicknames and Pseudonyms

June 13th, 2010Posted by Veronica

I did not have the greatest evening, thanks to two of my children being sick. Nothing horrific, but it did result in not one but two loads of laundry being run at 1AM and, for one of them, two changes of pajamas. I am Proven Right™ by my dear mother’s advice (which I took almost […]