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Charlie Duke: Fortune Lost

January 22nd, 2014Posted by Veronica

(Another piece of Charlie Duke flash fiction!) The light crept over the ridge that separated the Colonials’ vacated encampment from the land that the Regulators patrolled. Ten kilometers beyond the ridge, domed lights burned yellow and red in a half-circle around the landing area for the Regulator transports. Less than a dozen of the lower-ranking […]

Charlie Duke – An Introduction

January 13th, 2014Posted by Veronica

Words, words, words. Time to make another tired offering to the Magic Spreadsheet. The previous post told a snippet of the story of Charlie Duke, my forever unrepentant cowgirl who began as a bit of a desperate joke among a group of villains in the City of Heroes (well, okay… City of Villains) game. Agent […]

Charlie Duke: Vengeance

January 12th, 2014Posted by Veronica

(In taking breaks from studying, I’ve been working on some worldbuilding and character-building exercises for one of my eternal darlings, Charlie Duke. I started to explore what would happen if I went back to her earliest days… and I came up with the following. Charlie loses her family in an accident caused by an interplanetary […]

Day One – Farleigh Station Prison

February 10th, 2013Posted by Veronica

At the recommendation of a few podcasting folks, I’m using the blog to create a custom feed for an infrequent short audio series. This series of first-person transmissions sets a bit of backstory for a character I’ve loved for years, but who hasn’t had her story written yet. As I finish up other projects, I […]