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Stats Final Tonight

December 12th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Today’s the day of the final for my statistics class. As I can usually expect, I had the prerequisite semesterly breakdown of tears and stress before I managed to sit down and get some more review in. To be fair, I’d not had that breakdown yet this semester… which had me worried, to be completely […]

Grades, Creativity, and Perspective

December 11th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Even though I work with young adults whose ages usually peak around the 22 or 23 year old mark, I have trouble reminding myself that I’m not that old anymore and that I can’t stay up late. Like, late-late. Like, crawl into bed at ten past midnight knowing that the alarm is going to go […]

Student Reflections – Fall 2013

December 4th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Well, I’ve almost made it to the end of another semester. There’s one more week to manage, as my final for my statistics class will be next Thursday. I’ve got three more class sessions before then, with one committed to discussions about the comprehensive exams and two committed to more discussions about articles that could […]

The Disbelief of WYSIWYG

March 5th, 2013Posted by Veronica

Whizzywhig. I still think it’s one of the silliest yet most appropriate acronyms that’s out there, and it’s not used enough beyond the description of code editors and application interfaces. It’s actually a pretty good guide for presenting oneself in many environments, but “what you see is what you get” is not always as highly […]

The ‘Busy’ Update for Fall 2012

October 3rd, 2012Posted by Veronica

Busy. Well, okay. I don’t like hiding behind that four-letter word when explaining why I haven’t posted to the blog or done more frequent updates. “Busy” is descriptive, but it’s not quantifiable. My “busy” could be your everyday, and it’s a matter of what one sees as normal to manage. So, let’s rephrase. In these […]

The PSY 5108 Project Priority

July 1st, 2012Posted by Veronica

This summer, I decided to take PSY 5108 – Health Psychology. Why? Well… I need 21 credits of PSY to satisfy the concentration for my PhD. It was offered twice a week over eight weeks, didn’t have any prerequisites, and I figured that it would be helpful, as part of my teaching repertoire is supposed […]

Wild, Crazy, but Not Over Yet

May 11th, 2012Posted by Veronica

What a wild and crazy semester. As someone steeped in academia (hey, it’s where I pull the largest paycheck) I think of the year in terms of semesters. The brief weeks in between Fall and Spring, the short breath between Spring and Summer, and the not-really-a-break-holy-cats-firstyears-are-coming weeks between Summer and Fall are the times when […]

Dangerous people write books

October 28th, 2011Posted by Veronica

Two posts from me in one week. It’s amazing what happens when you put me within earshot of the waves and give me great coffee. Clearly, I need to figure out how to make this happen more often, even if it’s just going over the causeway at home before I hit the office one day […]

Keeping the creative habit

October 17th, 2011Posted by Veronica

Based upon last week’s post about accountability and forward-thinking and delivery, I owe an update. To whom, you might ask? Well… truly, to no one but myself. There isn’t anyone else who’s holding me accountable to being creative, to putting words on a page or voice through the microphone, so it’s all about me. Heavens, […]

Taking the advice that I give

October 4th, 2011Posted by Veronica

This semester may be the most difficult term yet, with regard to balance between teaching and taking classes. It may also be the most challenging term with regard to understanding interpersonal dynamics and political decisions at my unique institutional environment. So many times, I have been informed that one in my position should simply be […]