End of September Status Update

With October starting up and another cycle of projects in the mix, I figured it was time for an update of sorts with respect to creative projects and academia. If anything, it keeps me honest and provides a point of reference for people who wonder if I really am *that* busy (and why I can’t be recording a specific season of a specific podcast in my spare time).

So, what’s going on in the grand world of V these days?

Audiobook Projects
The past three months have been lucrative for me in terms of audiobook contracts. I am finishing up the audiobook for Justin Macumber’s horror novel Still Water, with the plan to have it to ACX by the end of the week. By the end of October, I will wrap recording and production on Terry Mixon’s space opera novel Empire of Bones. After that, there is another audiobook (a contract that I haven’t officially accepted, but it’s a sequel to one of the best selling titles I have already recorded) which will take me through to December. At that point, I will go dark to focus completely on my comprehensive exams, which will require all of my attention and energy. After January, I will resurface to take on the next audiobook that is already in the queue.

The abbreviated version of this explanation is that I have work through the end of the year for audiobooks, and that my audiobook work is picking up. It continues to be paid work where I am bringing in a check on a monthly basis, and I want to support that habit.

Comprehensive Exams
Let’s face it, I’m not studying as much as I would like. I would like to be studying and going over notes for a few hours each day; right now, that’s not happening due to multiple commitments and priorities. I get in a half-hour, maybe an hour tops, about four days out of the week typing up notes that I’ve previously handwritten. My Scrivener file for all of my notes is becoming a richer document with article summaries and links to definitions, but I need to put in more time, either at the dayjob or at home. Through the next month, I hope to get more time on the weekends when I can escape to a quiet corner and study more effectively. I’m still working on a consistent schedule during the hours of the dayjob when I can review my notes, but I confess to being easily distracted when I’m not busy all the time. It’s a discipline thing, and something for me to work on and improve over the next thirty-one days.

Podcast Projects
At the moment, I’m not sure when I will begin recording the next season of SWC. I would like it to be sooner rather than later, but I would also like to have enough episodes recorded to maintain a steady release schedule. Considering current recording commitments, that could happen this month and next, with releases in December, but I don’t want to promise anything. Some posts in the Facebook group make me uneasy about promising any kind of release… but then I think that I should be grateful that folks are still listening and just work in a chapter here and there.

Still doing it, a little bit every day. Magic Spreadsheet chain is still unbroken at 613. Writing happens every day, and recording happens more days than not. I’m still revising the Outer Colonies story for Sam Riley and working to bring it to a close. The SWC crew is having their brainstorming sessions on a weekly basis so we can get the last book moving and bring our intrepid heroes’ journeys to some kind of grand finale. My brain refuses to leave other ideas alone, a sure sign that I have too many irons in the fire that I could put a blacksmith to shame.

Still teaching. Still going through the everyday of higher education, but it’s at a point in the semester when things are more automated. I’m losing faith in the abilities of one of my classes (there was a 60% submission rate for the first exam) and I had to revise the syllabus. The immediate office atmosphere is strange, and I can’t figure out why. There are days when I know the only reason I’m in my office is because I’m supposed to have my butt in my chair, but the work that I’m doing could be done from anywhere so long as I have a computer and a connection to the Internet. It’s a little weird, but… well, considering the list of the other things going on, it’s not a pressing concern.

There’s my world these days… alongside kids and spouse, of course. I find myself helping more and more with homework, spending more time planning and making meals, setting aside a bit of time exclusively for exercise, and getting comfortable with taking an hour in the evening to decompress before bed as a means to nurture my mental health. Crochet is wonderful for that.

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2 Responses to “End of September Status Update”

  1. Doc Coleman Says:

    If the next season of SWC is ready to record, you could try adjusting your recording schedule by recording SWC for one day a week and slowly accumulate the audio until the whole season is in the can. But I guess that would depend on how tight your delivery dates are for your other audio commitments.

    Seems like you’re building towards a shift in your life priorities.


  2. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin Says:

    {Smile} I’m glad the writing is going well. Those brainstorming sessions must be fun. {Smile}

    But… What on earth is that SWC group getting up to this time?!?

    {go off to check}

    {come back with small but distinct smile}

    I really don’t think you need to worry, V. I didn’t see anything that looks liable to turn nasty. Not judging by my own 18 1/2+ in book and reading oriented online groups. {SMILE}

    Yes, that Steve Osip fellow is pretty enthusiastic, but I’ve seen that kind of not-quite-containable enthusiasm before, and it’s a good sign, not a bad one. If he’s like my other particularly enthusiastic friends, he just wants to feel like he’s in the loop. Tell him you’re trying to get SWC recorded, but between teaching, studying, other recording, and family commitments, you’re having real trouble getting enough recorded to make sure you don’t leave fans hanging for the month in the middle of a big battle, and… well, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he turned into one of your stauncher defenders on the subject. {Warm Smile}

    Yes, I know about the horror stories. I’ve heard them, too. Every one of them happened in private – email, instant messaging, and the like. I’ve never seen it turn nasty in public, and I’ve seen “Why is this taking so long? I want the next installment!” turn up in public more times than I can count. Whether it’s on an author’s blog, their Facebook page, or a discussion group, at the first hint it might turn nasty, some of the regulars always step in to defend the author. If the author is around, the fans normally get there first. Goodness knows, I’ve done it myself a few times. {Soft Smile}

    Look, if you want someone to run interference for you here, I’m sure something can be arranged one way or another. However, I really don’t think you need that. Not with the minimal precaution of keeping this public. {Smile}

    Anyway, whether you take this advice or not, enjoy the crocheting. That sounds like a wonderful way to unwind. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin