Realizing the Joy in the Telling

I had forgotten how much I enjoy recording. Having been so busy with so many other projects for the past few months, I hadn’t had the chance to record more than a few lines here and there. For a while, I was lucky if I could manage a half hour in the morning or evening between my attempts to study, my need to get into the office, and family obligations with kids and spouse. I had a few amazing gigs that allowed me to lend my voice to some once-in-a-lifetime projects, but I didn’t get to spend any time narrating and editing my own work.

Now, I don’t want to make anyone think that I enjoy audio editing. In the world of narration, there are many parts and many necessary evils. Editing audio is my least favorite part of the process; I am one of those who doesn’t enjoy listening to her own voice. But… well, I can sit down with files and get the editing done. I can select the right music, record the proper introductions, and mix down the files to create episodes that build, one upon another. There’s always the frustration of making sure that the images are at the proper resolution, that all of the code is consistent, and that I have the right summaries for the episodes. Once I have that done, though…

It’s so much fun to finally release the audio upon the world. The next season of The Secret World Chronicle will drop tomorrow, with two episodes instead of one. It will be the second half of the third book; by the time this season is finished, the print and podcast will have synced up again. It’s exciting to release the audio, especially since the last season ended last summer, but that’s only part of my excitement for the evening.

I’m excited because Broken is being released as a podcast. Less than a year after Cedric Johnson and I finished this novel, we’re putting it out in audio form. Unlike SWC, the setting and characters for Broken are more personal. Zen and I started on this story at the ground level, creating the world and making the rules. We spent hours talking about the latest advances in prosthetics technology, trying to come up with ways for the story to toe the line as close to scientific plausibility as possible. The editing process took months, with each of us editing our own work, then each other’s work, then the work as a whole. The beta reader process was another challenge; it didn’t go the way that he had hoped, but we did get some feedback. After that, we had to figure out how to push the print version to the different stores… and we learned the hard way that most stores aren’t used to dealing with two authors on a single title.

Although life got in the way for a while, putting Broken into audio format has always been part of the plan. It will likely become an audiobook, but podcasting has always been good to me. Podcasting is comfortable and familiar, y’know?

I got started on recording the episodes of Broken because I needed a break from some very intense work I’d been recording, and it was waiting for me. Going back to those characters as a means to unwind and recenter was a start, and making the decision to start the podcast process just seemed natural. Besides, Mira and Criofan have always represented something comfortable and familiar. Given all of the insanity of the past month, it just seemed like the thing to do.

And while I could sit and say that I hope everyone likes it… well, that’s just a bonus. The joy is in the telling of the story.

If you’re interesting in hearing Broken, hop over to Voices by Veronica where you can subscribe to the feed or listen when the episodes are released on a weekly basis.

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3 Responses to “Realizing the Joy in the Telling”

  1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin Says:


    It’s great that you’re getting back to recording. It’s obvious you’ve missed it entirely too much. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Amanda Says:

    SWC Season 7 sounds great – Just finished both episodes.
    On my way over to subscribe to Broken. I have no doubt it will be amazing.

    I know life has been a bit crazy for you and yet you still find the time to share your voice and your stories with us.
    Thank you so much for bringing us in and sharing with us your gifts.

  3. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin Says:

    P.S. It’s not that I don’t like your recordings. I did try some later SWC, and I thought them pretty comparable to professional audiobooks. It’s just that I don’t have the hearing for those either. I have to read along to follow them, and that requires that the audiobook and the print version match pretty perfectly. {resigned smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin