Already Over January

January has three days remaining… well, let’s be honest, it’s more like two and change, since I’m putting down these words on the screen just past eight in the evening. Considering all of the big and little challenges that the month has brought, I’m inclined to just look forward to February and tell the beginning of 2014 to not get too many paper cuts when I flip the calendar page.

Between my handling of my comprehensive exam preparation and the decision to not take the exams, several abbreviated deadlines at the dayjob that left me scrambling to complete tasks and analyses in days when it would usually take weeks, mom obligations to science fair projects and middle school program visits, and a few stupid mistakes on my part that separately led to a broken phone and a lost wedding ring… yeah, January can move right along. These aren’t earth-shattering events. They’re not great, but life goes on. There are positive things coming in February, and I’m getting back on track.

For starters, I’m still writing. Earlier this week, I hit the 365 day mark on the Magic Spreadsheet. How awesome is that? A whole year of writing consistently, either via blog posts or fiction writing, courtesy of simply keeping track of wordcounts and maintaining a habit. It’s made a difference in my fiction writing, I think. I’m able to put down more coherent ideas when I write with the Secret World Chronicle crew, and I’m able to push through difficult moments when I’m doing the little flash fiction or discovery pieces for my own worlds. A year’s worth of work produced one coauthored novel and another draft of my own novel. I’ve managed to return to characters and worlds that I had set aside; having a wordcount minimum each day has required that I work through ideas and concepts and not declare “writer’s block” as a way to excuse the lack of words.

Second, I’m getting back to recording. I’m finishing an audiobook by Edward Lorn; thanks to some generous recommendations from the guys over at the Dead Robots Society (and how much do I adore them? So much!) I landed a narration gig for one of his books via Red Adept Publishing. If you enjoy horror, you’re going to LOVE Life After Dane. The story has been frightfully easy to narrate because the story just flows. Although the characters and plot might not be for everyone, those who enjoy the genre will definitely find the story amazing. I just hope that my narration does it justice. I’ve also got two podcasts ready to hit the feed; between now and May 1, I’ll be releasing the next season of Secret World Chronicle as well as the podcast for Broken. I would hope that some of the fanbase from SWC will give Broken a listen and stay for some new fiction. I’ve also got some new contracts waiting to continue through the spring. Two fullcast projects are on deck, one for Slipspace by PC Haring and one for Hidden Harbor Mysteries by Jay Smith. And… well, who knows? Recording makes me happy.

Finally, I’m finding time to get back to the gym and work out at home. Managing anxiety for me usually means a lot of exercise, so tomorrow means that I get to drag myself back to spin class for an hour of cycling. I really do have fun when I do those sorts of things, but making time to take care of my physical health took a backseat when I had to study. It’s not even a case of weight loss, but more about psychological and emotional health maintenance. A few days a week at the gym should do me some real good.

I guess we’ll see how everything goes. Persist and maintain.

(Oh, and I’ve still not found the wedding ring… I reported it lost at the spa where I spent a few hours to relax and consequently forgot to retrieve it after my manicure. Compared to everything else that happened with comps earlier this month, the loss of a piece of metal and shine is very minor. It’s not like losing it nullifies the marriage, and my husband’s response was to tell me to not worry, and that I didn’t need to apologize over and over. Soooo… we’ll see. ┬áLike I said, January can be done now, thanks.)

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One Response to “Already Over January”

  1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin Says:

    This does sound like a good month to be over already. I hope only good things happen now for a good, long while. {Sympathetic Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin