Two Weeks into November

Consider this a sort of progress report, if you will. I’ve not blogged for a bit, mostly because I’ve spend my wordsmithing time working on Hollow or doing schoolwork. It’s not quite halfway through November. I’m still working on the different little projects, writing and articles and the like. I’m not going to be able to make the article quest for November; to really read a scientific article or study, it takes me more than a few hours to really process and take notes. Given that I’m working on the rewrite for Hollow as well as current courses and dayjob, thirty articles in thirty days isn’t exactly plausible. I’ve found some good sources in my searches, though. That’s saying something.

My academic department is still trying to figure out what to do about comprehensive exams (the ones I need to take for my doctorate). They’re going to be in January… I hope. Supposedly towards the end of January, but there are no firm dates and that’s bothersome. I don’t think I’m going to be able to take time off to study, as other folks in my office have already put in for time off that week. Perhaps I’ll shove off responsibility to the wind and put in for some mental health time or something. Meh.

(This is where I try to be adult about that whole situation. Breathe, breathe. Intrinsic aspirations, grit and perseverance, self-determination theory. There’s a world beyond campus, and that world is amazing.)

Sooooo… Hollow. Still working on that, still getting feedback from beta readers. There are some core problems with the story that I need to fix; looks like I’ll be editing this first “chunk” I’ve rewritten before I move on. Essentially, I need to have some better goals for my main characters; survival is not a goal, as I’m quickly learning in my own writing. I need to really enjoy my settings and employ them to tell the story as much as the characters. And, some characters need some more characterization and stronger in-plot decisions to better define their motivations.

So, after 26K words or so, I’m going to go back and examine the “beginning” and “middle” using the methods outlined in “Beginnings, middles, and ends” by Nancy Kress. I have some notes for the characters and setting and mythos, so I’ll need to really employ those to enrich parts of the story. I almost want to take each scene from the first few chapters and wiki-fy them so I manage to explain all the aspects to myself, but I wonder if that’s more of a fun time-waster than something that’s actually helpful. Not sure… but anything that helps to improve the story would be worth the time and effort, right?

Maybe. I’m terribly impatient with myself on this, but I’m not giving up. The artwork for Hollow stares back at me in my office, Cheshire with his scalpel as if to say, “You’re giving up? Well, hold still while I cut out that creative soul and give it to someone else who’d value it.” And I’m not giving up… there are still more stories to write after this one. I just need to freakin’ *finish* this one and tell the story.

Let’s see, what else… still writing for Secret World Chronicle Book Four, but no recording yet. Family stuff has kept me from getting in front of the microphone for any extended period of time, but I’ve got some upcoming ACX work and fullcast obligations that will require me to head to the studio and lay down those tracks. The writing from SWC has been fun; can’t say much because it would include spoilers, but I do love working with side characters. I’ve not had a lot of opportunities to write *with* my coauthors for the past books, but for Book Four? Heck yes. So much fun… so many great one-liners.

And for those who remember the days of City of Heroes and the Pocket D Tuesday nights at the bar on Pinnacle… it’s so much fun to return to my role of bartender, even if it’s not next to the most adorable Fallen angel this side of heaven.

So… more studying. More writing. I need to get to recording longer projects; some short-story things have gone live, but I’d like to get some bigger projects moving. It’s not even halfway through November, so there’s time. It’s all a function of how I choose to use it.

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2 Responses to “Two Weeks into November”

  1. Scott Roche Says:

    Two things largely unrelated to this post.

    I’m listening to SWC and am in book two. AWE-SOME!

    Second. Still reading Broken. I’ve made it my main read until I finish it. (I’m a bit ADD with books. I need to make a concious effort like this to finish even good ones.) Enjoying it muchly.

  2. Doc Coleman Says:

    Yay for more SWC! I’ve been re-listening because iTunes blew away most of my old episodes and I had to re-download them. Still miss Handsome Devil.