Busy Does Not Taste Like Rainbows

This Fall semester, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my long days. I have to both teach students and be a student within a twelve-hour span, and it’s never just one course, but two to three. Add in a committee where I must attend, eat my little box lunch, and politely disagree with faculty, and it’s a day where I don’t have a nice long stretch to work through larger projects. As a result, my desk is a disaster, the space around my desk is a disaster, and I am in desperate need of filing/recycling assistance.

And in class tonight (which went over by TWENTY MINUTES! A three hour class went to three hours and twenty minutes! GAH!) I agreed to present another article when no one spoke up. One of the other grad students stared at me, somewhat impressed, and said, “I don’t know how you do it all!”

Trust me, I’m not doing it all. I’m sitting here in my pajamas, eating popcorn and decompressing via blog now that the kids are in bed, lunches are made for school, and a load of laundry is spinning through the washer. There are plenty of other things I could be doing, but… priorities first. Words, food, clean underwear. It’s the little things that are important at 9:30 PM on a Wednesday evening. There’s homework as well, but I’m going to finish that tomorrow morning because I’ve been awake since 4:30 AM. Doing statistics on little sleep is not a wise move, especially when I’m expected to, I dunno, explain what it all means.

It ain’t a double rainbow, that’s for sure.

I’m no guru when it comes to time management; I don’t have these long stretches of hours in my day where I can kick back and bask in the soothing sensation of thirty six hundred seconds cascading luxuriously over my skin. And if I did… I’d probably be recording. Or reading more. Or BOTH. Maybe getting in some more exercise, because that’s the first thing to go when I become busy. I walk around campus, but it’s not the same thing as my spin class during my lunch hour or a good forty-five minute run on the elliptical.

I’ve got so much recording to finish, too. Short stories, mostly. I need to start recording Secret World Chronicle, but I really do want to have most of it recorded before I start releasing on a weekly basis. There are some other projects coming up that will require time on the microphone, so I’m already trying to plan my vacation days and such from the dayjob. There’s family travel every month, a week of birthdays in October, and home improvement challenges that we want to tackle.

So much to do… not even counting the Halloween costumes. It’ll be that time of year soon, I just know it.

In a few weeks, I may hit that overwhelmed crash. Too many projects and expectations and people who just don’t get it. Like I throw around the word ‘busy’ like it’s candy and sprinkles. “I’d like a double scoop of rocky road with busy all over it! Do you want some busy on your cookies? Maybe a little bit of busy on your milkshake?” “Mmm, this busy takes like rainbows!”

Busy does NOT taste like rainbows. In fact, it’s closer to burnt coffee, popcorn, and chinese takeout.

But… yeah. I’m busy. If I can fit something in, then I will fit something in. If I can’t, I’ll say so. Part of the whole time management “thing” is the ability to juggle priorities on a day to day basis. Part of it is the ability to focus on a single task for a specific amount of time and work it to completion, which speaks to pomodoros for us normal folk and pornados for Nobilis Reed. Part of it is being able to be busy with things that I genuinely enjoy, like data collection and storytelling and narration.

And part of it is just sitting down and planning things. My schedule says that it’s three minutes past my bedtime, so we’re done for tonight. Sleep well… tomorrow is another busy day.

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2 Responses to “Busy Does Not Taste Like Rainbows”

  1. Doc Coleman Says:

    The Chinese menu of Busy:
    Important Necessary Fun

    Pick one from each column.


  2. scoobie ryan Says:

    I know what busy tastes like, but I don’t use those words. You write brilliantly.