Time Management at Balticon 47

At 9PM on Sunday of Balticon, I’m giving a talk on “Time Management for Writers.” Replace “writers” with “creatives” and you’ll get the general idea of the audience for the talk. You don’t have to be a writer to get something out of it… heck, I’m not always a writer. I’m also a voice artist, a teacher, a student, a course coordinator, a programmer, a curriculum specialist, an event scheduler… and a spouse, a parent, a child, and a sibling. So if you juggle any number of those roles and you struggle to manage your time, you might consider stopping by for the hour.

I promise, we won’t go past 9:50PM. You can tweet and text during the session; in fact, I’m going to encourage it with the hashtag #v-time so that I can go back and track stuff. If you’re really adventurous, you could tag my dayjob, since giving a time management talk means that I’m bridging the gap between the creative and academic.

But really, time management for creatives. The secret is that time management is the third or fourth step in the grand process. You can’t manage your time until you figure out priorities, set goals, and share those goals and priorities with those around you.

Put more simply, you can’t spend time on something that’s important if you haven’t identified what’s important in the first place. That’s a stumbling block for many creatives; we don’t publicly acknowledge that our creating is important and valued. We don’t give it as much credence as our dayjob, and that’s often the first mistake. The act of creating is a priority, and we owe it to our creative spirit to acknowledge that importance and set that creation as a goal.

Interested? Want to hear more? Come see me at 9PM on Sunday at Balticon, or wait a few weeks until I get the audio recorded and posted.

Two more sleeps until I leave for Balticon. I can’t decide if this is too long to wait or not enough time to get everything done that I want to do. Priorities, I have them!

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