Day One – Farleigh Station Prison

At the recommendation of a few podcasting folks, I’m using the blog to create a custom feed for an infrequent short audio series. This series of first-person transmissions sets a bit of backstory for a character I’ve loved for years, but who hasn’t had her story written yet. As I finish up other projects, I come back to the notebook where I’ve made notes about events in this character’s life, the triumphs and losses, and the trail of blown-up bars and broken hearts she’s left throughout the area of the galaxy controlled by the Outer Colony Regulators.

May I humbly introduce my foul-mouthed, whiskey-loving, gun-toting, skirt-chasing, ass-squeezing, military-asset-turned-smuggler, Charlie Duke.

Yeehaw, baby. Love ya, Zeke.

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