The ‘Busy’ Update for Fall 2012


Well, okay. I don’t like hiding behind that four-letter word when explaining why I haven’t posted to the blog or done more frequent updates. “Busy” is descriptive, but it’s not quantifiable. My “busy” could be your everyday, and it’s a matter of what one sees as normal to manage.

So, let’s rephrase. In these months of lightspeed academic pursuits, dayjob responsibilities, audiobook contracts, writing commitments, and family obligations, I have not made blogging and updating a priority. So, as I have a half hour before I am at the dayjob, I’ll make it a priority now and… update!

It’s the fall semester. My dayjob is in higher education, where I focus on first-year college students at a small private technical research institution. In the past two years, our enrollment has jumped about 35% in the course that I run. This means that I have more students to manage and more instructors to coordinate. I teach six classes during the week, which means I teach over 100 college students (and coordinate online work, grading, and events for 674 more). This means that I play academic for a minimum of nine hours a day, five days a week. Lately, I’ve also had to commit half a day on Saturdays, too.

And I’m still pursuing the PhD. One class, two days a week, plus a minimum of 6 hours of homework a week. There will be a research project due at the end of October, plus some other writing assignments. Next Fall will only be crazier with classes, but the tentative plan allows me to graduate with my doctorate in 2016.

I’ve had to turn down folks for audiobook contracts via ACX; I owe books to three people and I don’t want to commit to any more. Sure, it’s nice to get money… but I need to work on Secret World Chronicles and get the sixth season out. Writing on SWC as well as my own projects is going to pick up in the next few weeks, too. I’m immensely flattered when people say that they thought I was a full time professional narrator, but… not yet. It’s not so successful that I can do it and pull in the same money and benefits that I do with academia.

My family gets my time on the weekends, be it running errands together, making cookies on a Saturday afternoon, playing a few rounds of Magic: the Gathering at the kitchen table, or snuggling up to watch another episode of Star Trek. Given everything else that I do, I wouldn’t be able to manage my life without them… so when push comes to shove? They get my time.

I wake up at 5:30 every weekday morning, and by 7 on weekends. If I’m not working or recording at night, I’m sitting and reviewing notes for classes.

So… yeah. Blogging during this time requires making it a priority. It seems kind of indulgent, considering habits and potential readers, but it’s still necessary for one who voices and writes to the extent that I do.

To those who are waiting on Secret World Chronicles: I’m recording, slowly but surely. I have scripts for the next TWO seasons, and I’m not letting up.

To those for whom I’ve committed to read, either via verbal contract or written contract: You’ve still got my commitment. If I said I would read for you, I will. If I’m reading for you already, either as part of a series or ongoing project. you are factored into my time commitments. Promise = priority

To those who are shaking their heads at this: I really do get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. I’ve had to put aside gaming to make this work, but… yes. I’m a big fan of sleep in order to function. I still hate naps.

The irony of ALL of this… I’m the go-to person on campus when students need an ‘expert’ on time management. On days like today, that makes me chuckle, because it feels like a sideshow juggling act where I’m using magnets to help.

So… tl;dr? Busy. Still recording. Please be patient. I haven’t forgotten.

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