Is Veronica Here?

In the past three months, I’ve had more folks follow me via Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for a variety of reasons… most of which I’m unsure. There are times when I am uncertain if anyone is listening, and then there are times when I wonder if I say anything worth hearing.

I’ve realized that those really shouldn’t be my concerns, that I should worry about the day when I have nothing to say or (worse!) can say nothing. So, until that day comes…

Hi! I’m Veronica Giguere. I do many different things, some for fun, some for a paycheck, and sometimes those things intersect and life is doubly awesome. If you’re here and you’ve followed me, then allow me to let you know what you might expect.

1. I am a voice. Voice talent, voiceover artist, narrator, lady-with-the-microphone, that’s my biggest online presence these days. I read for other people, performing their fiction and non-fiction works for audiobooks and podcasts. The majority of my voice work is in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and erotica. If you’d like to hire me, I would love to speak with you and discuss rates. If you’d like to use my voice in a fullcast production that you plan to release for free, then we should totally talk. If you have an amazing work in which I completely believe and trust, then we should talk about working together to realize a common goal.

2. I am a writer. I am a co-author for The Secret World Chronicle series, along with Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee. I write my own short fiction, comic scripts, and novel-length works. There are days when I cannot help myself and the words spill out on the page or the screen. I worldbuild for IncubatorPress, having created the city of Charlton, Delaware.

3. I am a mom & wife. I adore my family and talk about their geeky antics every so often. I have a supportive (and freaking-smart-handsome) husband and a trio of wickedly smart children who challenge me to become more creative each day. I don’t post pictures of them.

4. I am an educator. I am a low-level administrator at my university, engineering and teaching the first-year student seminar course as well as academic strategies courses for students on probation. I also maintain the blog for our academic support center, writing articles that trend toward tutoring, parenting college students, and study skills for first-year students. I teach life skills, study strategies, and time management. My students challenge me to hold myself to those standards that I teach, and they remind me that there is a brilliant life waiting beyond the boundaries of the campus.

5. I am a student. I am beginning my second full year in my doctoral program, working toward a degree in science education with a psychology emphasis. After earning a bachelor of science in ocean engineering and a master of arts in teaching with a focus on middle & high school mathematics, the doctoral program followed my profession in academia as closely as possible while remaining tuition-free. In higher education, promotion and advancement don’t happen until you get a terminal degree, so my driving force behind my doctoral degree is academic freedom on many levels.

Yes, I do all of these things at once. No, I am not yet thirty-five. Yes, I get between six and eight hours of sleep each night. No, I’m not a mutant.

At least, I don’t think so.

If you’ve chosen to follow me, please be aware that I will talk about all five of those things listed, plus more. I am addicted to City of Heroes, comic books, My Little Pony (old school and new following), and coffee. I lean to the left, believe in human rights, and enjoy a balanced discussion on religion and spirituality. I don’t spam, but I do retweet when I think I can boost a signal.

And if I enjoy your work, I will promote you and your cause as best as I can. I love to believe in passionate people, and the podcasting community proves to me on a daily basis that there are likeminded individuals who are passionate about their craft.

Finally: I love to work with artists in any medium. I love to help promote. If there is a way I can help you with my voice, my writing, or my education background, please contact me and propose an idea. We should talk.

(PS: I totally took this idea for a re-introduction post from J.R. Blackwell, who is utterly brilliant, smart, talented, and gorgeous. You should go see her photography and marvel at her game craftiness.)

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