An Idle Mind… breeds Parody!

In my misspent youth, I spent too many hours writing lyrical parodies for AP English as well as my own twisted amusement. Every so often, an idea gets in my head, and I can’t contain it. The words start to spill out, and before I know it… I’ve rewritten a song.

This time, I blame a few tweets from Scott Roche, Doc Coleman, and Dave Robison. These guys are part of the teams at their respective regularly scheduled podcasts, The Galley Table (Scott & Doc, with Zach Ricks, Jeff Hite, JP Losier, and Laura Nicole) and the Roundtable Podcast (Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey), and there was a comment made about two Tables with microphones…

My apologies. I am a child of the 80s & 90s pop culture, and I can still sing all of the words to the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Just replace those words with the following, and shake your head sadly at my amusement.

Now this is the blogpost all about how
Some scripts get whipped, flipped upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, ’cause you know I’m able
To make a small request of the hosts of Two Tables

Up, up and above flying high on the skies
Captain Ricks, Scott Roche and dark lord Jeff Hite
Bringing stowaway Doc, Laura, number one Gypsy,
A Beowulf cluster, and coding ninja JP

Then a couple of guys started another thing
Dave and Brion found some writer-guests for interviewing
Twenty minutes with an author, an hour workshop story pitch
With the caveat that their advice could be either gold or bullshit

I’ve listened to them both, Tables Galley and Round
On both shows there’s witty banter and advice to be found
If anything I can say that to both you should subscribe
But I think that for one time, both tables should collide

So I’m on the last stanza of this auditory fable
Asking for an episode, a Write-Around-the-Galley-Table
A show for the fans, just the first, not the last
Of collaborative Tables in an epic podcast.

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3 Responses to “An Idle Mind… breeds Parody!”

  1. Doc Coleman Says:

    We’ll have to make you the guest, and we’ll disable the mute on your mic so everyone can hear you laughing all through the podcast. 😀


  2. Scott Roche Says:

    Yeah we NEED to make this happen.

  3. Dave Robison Says:

    Aw yeah… anything THAT awesome deserves a response (and a reprise)!

    I was takin’ a stroll ‘round the Twittersphere
    When I heard a sweet voice say “Hey, over here!”
    It was dear Lady V from the Dawning Sky
    And she waved me over with a gleam in her eye

    She threw down a rhyme about a Tale of Two Tables
    Mashing two ‘casts would be the stuff of fables
    A mythic round, flying high in the air
    For fans of odd stories and speculative fare!

    My mouth just hung open, my jaw fairly dropped
    The idea was inspired, my synapses popped.
    “Lady V that is awesome!” I said with a grin
    “We will SO make that happen. It’s so full of WIN!”

    And friends, here’s moral of this doggerel verse
    The key to the wonders of this great Universe
    Don’t horde your ideas. No, heaven forefend!
    Whatever you make, you’ll make better with friends.

    Thanks, Veronica… both for seeing what none of has had seen and for pointing it out with such style and panache. You’re feathered plume is in the mail. : )

    Dave Robison
    Co-Host, The Roundtable Podcast