Pulse Check – August 21

I live! I breathe! I… am so busy these days. The last episode of The Secret World Chronicle, Book Three: World Well Lost, is due to be released this weekend. I recorded it some time ago before I had the new setup (over winter break last year, actually) but I want to re-record it today because I think the listeners deserve better quality.

There’s also more of The Ballad of Iron Percy to go live this weekend, too. At least two more chapters, if not more. I’ve also been working on a redesign of the website for The Secret World Chronicle, and I’m gearing up for Dragon*Con where SWC will have its own panel on Friday afternoon.

Did I mention that I also work full-time, have children who are in preschool/early elementary, and that I’m starting my doctorate in Science Education with a Psychology concentration? No? Well… yes. That’s also on my plate, in addition to some writing for IncubatorPress and writing for SWC. I’m just a little busy these days, which brings me to the point of this post.

Time management. At the end of the day, accomplishing all that one wishes to do boils down to time management and arranging/scheduling resources. Recording and editing happen at naptime or after the kids are in bed. Studying and notetaking can happen during the day. Laundry cannot be done while recording, as Pak Shars and metahumans do not have dryers in their backgrounds. Kidlets need attention during the day, errands must be run, and the human spirit must be nourished.

And for those who’d reply that I just need a playpen and some dry cereal… don’t bother commenting. I nearly cried when I saw an episode of The Guild because I knew people who treated their children like disposable annoyances, and their children suffered because of that selfishness. My children are empathetic, intelligent, creative, and caring creatures, and I would like to think that some of that is attributed to attentive parenting and appropriate behavior monitoring. I am a proud and educated geekmommy and…

Oops. Soapbox. I should get down from that. One moment.

Anyways, the point is that rather than write and tweet about what I’m doing, I’d like those fans who read and listen to write and tweet about it instead. You’ve probably got better networks than I do, to be honest. Once the first few weeks of school calm down, you’ll hear from me more often. Until then… well, I’m V., and I’m still here.

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