You Can’t Fail – Lessons from Cracker Barrel

Much of the wisdom that I’ve learned about pushing through adversity when it comes to writing, podcasting, and just general self-promotion in a digital medium has come as a result of countless conversations at the local Cracker Barrel. A lunchtime haven, that restaurant has fostered more encouragement and thoughtful discussion in my quest to become more of an author and voiceover artist than I could have ever imagined. While I wouldn’t doubt that Cracker Barrel biscuits have magical soul-healing properties, I would attribute more of that to the idea that’s become more and more prevalent.

I can’t fail.

To fail as a writer would mean to no longer write anything, ever. To never write again would be akin to not breathing, so failure is something that would never happen. As far as podcasting goes… I have the equipment, I have the content, I have a voice. The podcasting would stop when I run out of content or could no longer speak. So, for all practical purposes, I can’t fail as long as I continue to put words on a page.

I’m not sure what success is, though. Is it one book? Is it a handful of short stories? Is it the movie script, or is it just the name recognition that I envy when I do my own research? I’m not sure, yet. I think that success with regard to writing and podcasting would be a happy line between name recognition and some mutual respect from other writers and podcasters. But hey… that means I need content first.

Working on it. Editing, crafting, outlining, voicing… my Boy tells me that I should concentrate on one piece and work it until it’s finished. It’s so difficult when I’ve got all the stories in my head and I just want to get them out, and there’s so little time left in the day to put them to paper.

But hey… another cup of coffee and another biscuit. I can’t fail.

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4 Responses to “You Can’t Fail – Lessons from Cracker Barrel”

  1. David Sobkowiak Says:

    I love this. It gives me new hope about never failing and always being able to succeed, even if it’s not in the way I initially considered! Thanks!

  2. Jenny Beans Says:

    Veronica, this is an excellent post. I love the idea of not being able to fail as long as you still have words to put on paper, a voice to speak with. It’s intensely motivating when you think of it from that point of view. I will not lie though… I’ve never been to cracker barrel. I went there once, but the line to get in was so long, we ended up leaving. Now I’m hungry.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Veronica, I think success depends on the person. Some people only consider themselves successful if they’re a bestselling author making millions. While a great goal, we all know it’s not that easy to achieve. So as you mentioned, I think my success is based on if other’s recognize my name and if I have the support of other’s trying to accomplish those same things.

    I also base my success on the way people respond to what I write. If someone says to me, “Hey, you’re story touched my heart and made me look at things differently”, then I feel like I accomplished exactly what I’ve been working towards…making a difference. That is VERY important to me.

    I can honestly say, though, that at this point and time in my life, I feel successful. I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot and anything past this point is just icing on the cake. Believe me, I want TONS of icing. LOL!

    I also think you’re spot on about failing as an author. As long as we’re writing, putting pen to paper or fingers to keys, we’re succeeding. We’re putting our thoughts down.

    Also, I’ve never been to a Cracker Barrel either, but that’s because we don’t have on here. I wish we did, though.

  4. vange Says:

    The most disgusting thing I love is from Cracker Barrel and now I want hash brown casserole. Even the name is disgusting!