Managing Time, Part Two

I am entirely too competitive for my own good.

There, I said it. Typed it in lovely black-on-white in the text editor before I cut and paste this into the little box on the computer so that it can be appropriately formatted for the blog post. I even reread the words a few times, the subvocalization moving the muscles in my mouth and throat to make the words and ideas stick more firmly in my brain.

Over at The Creative Alliance, there’s a thread about ‘little known facts’ about people. Given the fact that I’m pretty much a stranger to this community and I’m not exactly being chased down by paparazzi, there’s a whole lot that folk don’t know about me on a given day. Will stating these things somehow transform me into a better writer and more believable artist so that, in a magical feat worthy of a reality-television season finale on a major broadcast network, I will gain the respect and following that has eluded me for so long? Probably not; we’re just having fun and trying to establish a sense of community. This, dear souls, is a good thing.

Still… if it does work, then let it be said now that I started my illustrious voiceover attempts through high school speech team competitions in Radio Broadcasting, and that my first ‘voiceover’ piece was an intro for a now-defunct Sailor Moon fansite (NextGenSM) run by a guy whose handle was DarkStar. If anyone can find that, I’ll be highly impressed.

Now, with that dark secret released… hrm. I see no flashbulbs. There must be latency in the tubes of fame and fortune. Good thing I know how to get my own coffee.

I’m too competitive; there’s nothing but love and respect for those people who have found success and who are able to work hard to maintain that success. I know that I have serious time-envy issues, but that comes from years of teaching time management and watching talented individuals waste that precious resource day after day after day. If I only had another hour or two, if I had the freedom to walk away in the middle of the day for creative endeavors and then return, think of what more I could accomplish! Think of the success, the projects, the goals that could be met and the tasks that could be crossed off!

This is the part where I sit back, take a deep breath, and remind myself that I already manage the twenty-four hours that I have. I wake up early to take advantage of my morning time, and I go to bed at a reasonable hour so I maintain those six to eight hours of sleep that I require to function. I spend before-work hours recording and responding to emails from authors and clients, before I sit down to tackle eight hours of curriculum-planning, course evaluation, syllabi-authoring, and manual writing. I spend lunch hours writing and researching. I spend my evenings recording and writing and corresponding, and I can’t count the number of vacation hours that I have put towards recording material to promote the series for which I read. I devote my kids’ waking hours to being a mom and a wife, and I’m exceptionally lucky to have a husband who encourages me to be that author and voiceover artist because he believes in me. And… I love my career in higher education. It makes me genuinely happy.

So, at the end of the day, I’m doing better than I think that I am. For all that I manage to accomplish, to throw another 500 to 1000 words completed or another half-hour of recorded audio on top of those things isn’t too bad.

It’ll just make success all the sweeter when I get there.

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