Thank-You Thursday – Willie Freeman

If you haven’t heard of Willie Freeman, then you aren’t as lucky as I am.

Willie Freeman is one of those Renaissance men, someone who manages to blend the technical and creative sides to fashion something truly amazing. He is, in the truest sense, a Connector of people and resources. He is an artist of written word and spoken word, an artist in black and white as well as color, and an artist who works in the creative medium with the material that is human potential. Willie has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and he is a spirit-filled creature who works with sincerity and purpose.

I am so lucky to know Willie. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the push to try my hand at writing comic scripts or to begin my Surreality project. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try to step out of the shadows to promote my own work, and the idea of a side business of voiceovers would have remained a ‘pretty idea’ rather than someone that I could vocalize.

So, this is a big ‘thank you’ on Thank-You Thursday for Willie. Give some love to IncubatorPress,  and take a look at The Iron Disciple by Absolute Power.  Support one of my favorite artists as well as one of my greatest friends, and help me say ‘thank you.’

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4 Responses to “Thank-You Thursday – Willie Freeman”

  1. vange Says:

    Willie Freeman is an awesome name!

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  3. David Sobkowiak Says:

    This was a GREAT thank you! I missed this week, but I might have to post a TY anyway, even if it’s not on Thursday!

  4. Jenny Beans Says:

    I missed TYT this week too, but I loved your post. What an awesome tribute and appreciation.